Porto do Funchal receives nine ‘turnarounds’ in the next two months

Morning all. Photos from me this morning in Port, as I’m off to Porto Santo for a few days with my Aunt and Uncle.

The Port of Funchal will carry out nine ‘turnarounds’ in the next two months. It is an operation of embarkation and disembarkation of passengers, arriving or returning home by air connection. The Ports of Madeira expect to receive 35 stopovers this October, four more than in the same period of 2019.

In a note issued, the chairman of the Board of Directors of APRAM, SA, Paula Cabaço, emphasizes that the number of ‘turnaround’ operations planned “is excellent”, stating that in a new high season for cruises, Madeira is “getting off to a good start “.

The Port of Funchal welcomes the cruise ships MSC Meraviglia and Anthem of the Seas this Saturday morning, which will handle a total of 8,503 people, including passengers and crew.

Anthem of the Seas, from Tenerife, will bring 3,892 passengers and 1,515 crew aboard. After an eight-hour stopover in Funchal, the ship departs at 2:30 pm, bound for A Coruña, in northern Spain.

MSC Meraviglia will carry 1,659 passengers and 1,437 crew. The ship will make the first of the company’s seven ‘turnarounds’ planned until November in the Port of Funchal, in which 361 passengers will disembark out of the 1,659 that arrived at this port and 181 boardings are planned.

MSC Meraviglia is on a transatlantic voyage to Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados, in the Caribbean. It leaves at 16:00, after having spent 10 hours in the Port of Funchal.

Next Monday, there will be a new ‘turnaround’, this time with MSC Magnifica which will carry out four more operations of the genre and MSC Fantasia which will also do a ‘turnaround’ this October. In addition to these seven from MSC, total turnarounds of the World Voyager and Hebridean Sky ships are also planned.

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