In the Port of Funchal there are already three of the four ships expected today, more specifically the ‘AIDA Nova’, the ‘Azura’, the ‘Mein Schiff 4’, which only arrives at night, and the ‘Evrima’, a ship in the ultra luxury from the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, which is on a transatlantic voyage and which debuted today in Madeira.

According to APRAM, today is also marked by the return of regular AIDA Cruises and TUI cruises, on the CAI route, Cruise in the Atlantic Islands to this port.

Having done the math, but not counting the ‘Mein Schiff 4’ which is not yet in the bay of Funchal, during this Monday, the three ships already docked in the Port of Funchal are moving, between passengers and crew, almost nine thousand people.

The ‘AIDA Nova’ was the first to dock at dawn. It came from Las Palmas, with 3,625 passengers and 1,411 crew. You will stay in Madeira for 19 hours, sailing around midnight to Las Palmas.

The ‘Azura’ arrived shortly afterwards from Tenerife for a 15-hour stopover at this port. On board, she brings 2,380 passengers and 1,106 crew. It leaves at 9:30 pm for Las Palmas.

The rookie ‘Evrima’ arrived from Lisbon, with 232 passengers and 224 crew members, and will stay for 13 hours in the Port of Funchal. Departs at 20:00 for Tenerife.

Finally, the ‘Mein Schiff 4’ arrives from Las Palmas around 11:00 pm for a 39-hour layover. It travels with 2,350 passengers and 900 crew. Next Wednesday, at 2:00 pm, she sails to the island of La Palma.

From Jornal Madeira

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