Christmas lights

How are the Christmas lights in your area???

In Caniço and Garajau they have all been up for almost two weeks now, the roundabouts all decorated, and other decorations in place.

Many more roads with lights this year. Roads that have never had lights before, have them in place, and more palm trees decorated with lights.

Looking around Funchal yesterday I didn’t see any sign of Christmas lights yet, so it seems they are leaving the city till last this year.

New lights and decorations this year as they are changed every two years, and I have a feeling we are in for a big surprise.

Less than two weeks for the switch on, which will be on the bank holiday of the 1st December, so expect a lot of activity in Funchal in the coming days as they start to go up around the city.

How are the areas on the rest of the island, do you notice more lights this year.???