Madeira Airport ‘reopened’ finally to arrivals, Lobo Marinho transports passengers.

The improvement in the weather at Madeira Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport allowed, this late afternoon, to resume normal air operations. After almost 7 hours of hardly any landings – only one plane landed (2:26 pm) between 10 am and 4:43 pm -, the resumption of arrival at Madeira Airport was ‘inaugurated’ by the Edelweiss Air plane from Zurich, which had diverged to Porto Santo.

In the last half hour, three aircraft have already landed in Santa Cruz, assuming that air normality can finally be restored on this busy All Saints’ Day.

Porto Santo Line also transports 390 passengers that were diverted to Porto Santo.

In Porto Santo, about 390 passengers boarded the ship Lobo Marinho from three flights, Porto Santo Line confirmed to Antena 1.

Carlos Perdigão Santos regrets that there is no official contingency plan that includes the Lobo Marinho ship, for situations while Madeira Airport is closed normally due to weather conditions.