Only in Santana did the rain reach a yellow warning amount

Despite the yellow warnings for precipitation issued for the entire Madeira Archipelago and valid between the beginning of the night of yesterday and the middle of the morning of this Wednesday, the 9th of November, of the records obtained in the network of automatic weather stations of the IPMA in the Region , only one, in Santana (11.5 mm/1h), reached a value consistent with the meteorological warning.

Moreover, during the period in which the ‘alert’ was in effect, the other most significant extremes (1h) of rain occured in Lombo da Terça/Achadas da Cruz (7.2 mm/1h), in Ponta de São Jorge (4, 6 mm/1h), in Porto Santo (4.3 mm/1h) and in Prazeres (2.9 mm/1h).

From Diário Notícias