A search operation has been set up for a English tourist who was reported missing in Calheta.

A tourist believed to be English and 52 years old left yesterday to take a walk along the sea in the municipality of Calheta and never returned to the residence, JM found out from a source linked to the search operation that has been taking place since yesterday, at the end of the afternoon.

There are still some doubts about the form of the disappearance, whether the tourist was carried away by a wave or if he is lost on a path or pedestrian path, also reveals the source of the Calheta Volunteer Firefighters.

The alert was given by the tourist’s wife to the Public Security Police (PSP), revealing that her husband was going to make a “trail” by the sea and that he was never seen again or communicated about his whereabouts. Thereafter, he was reported missing.

JM knows that the authorities are currently looking for the tourist at various points by land and sea, with several search and rescue teams from firefighters, PSP and the Navy involved.

From Jornal Madeira

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