Funchal breaks the record for the coldest day this winter for the second consecutive day

For the second consecutive day, Funchal/Observatório recorded, this Monday, January 30th, the coldest day of this autumn/winter. The average air temperature today stood at a ‘chilly’ 15.1 ºC (12.8 ºC, minimum; 17.5 ºC, maximum).

Yesterday the air temperatures recorded at the Meteorological Observatory of Funchal fluctuated between a minimum of 12.1ºC (this winter’s record) and a maximum of 18.5ºC, with the average temperature being 15.3ºC.

Today was also the second post-summer day in which the highest maximum temperature of the entire network of IPMA weather stations in Madeira not only did not reach the 20ºC mark, but was below 19ºC. Which happens for the first time since last winter.

The extreme value of the maximum temperature registered today (until 19:00) was 18.5ºC in Ponta do Sol/Lugar de Baixo (1ºC less compared to yesterday). Nearby was also the maximum felt at the Lido, which reached 18.3ºC (0.8ºC less compared to yesterday).

Compared to yesterday, the minimum temperatures recorded this Monday (until 19:00) were less cold, but on the other hand the maximums were not ‘as warm’ as those recorded this Sunday.

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