Ongoing rescue of tourists at Caldeirão do Inferno in Santana

Individuals are in good health despite tiredness and cold. 

Two tourists are currently at 10:00 pm on the 15th of January, waiting to be rescued from the Levada do Caldeirão do Inverno, in Santana. The operation is being carried out by the Volunteer Firefighters of Santana and the Forestry Police.

According to the DIÁRIO, the foreign couple started the route from Caldeirão Verde towards Caldeirão do Inferno towards the end of the afternoon of this Sunday, with nightfall and the lack of lighting they were lost and activated the means of assistance, sharing the location via WhatsApp.  (bit stupid to start a Levada so late in the day when you know it will be getting dark)

The Regional Civil Protection Service set up a search and rescue operation in Levada do Caldeirão Verde, which includes four members from the Santana Volunteer Firefighters and a Forest Guard. The operation should last more than three hours, calculating the round trip routes between Caldeirão Verde and Caldeirão do Inferno, also taking into account the poor lighting and the slippery floor due to the rain that falls in the place.

Despite the fatigue and the cold, the two individuals whose ages and nationalities have not yet been determined, are in good health. The Volunteer Firefighters of Santana have maintained permanent contact via WhatsApp with the victims in order to calculate their condition and where they are located.

From Diário Notícias