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The weather will be a little unsettled for the rest of this week, with most the rain to the north and the mountain zones.

The next couple of days the wind will increase, and it will feel a little colder coming from the north, north east, from the colder air that is affecting much of Europe.

From 6am Wednesday till 6pm Thursday, the North Coast and Porto Santo will be under a yellow warning for rough seas, with waves between 4-5 meters.

Harold Sommer sent this link which is useful to see the weather from all the different weather stations around Madeira.

There is a network of private weather stations, not just for Madeira but for many places around the world. The name is WUNDERGROUND and can be accessed via by web browsers.

If a location like FUNCHAL is entered, there is a choice of about a dozen nearby stations.
The forecast options run from HOURLY to 10-days. F or C can be selected in settings (the sprocket wheel). There is plenty of meteorological info. No need to sign up for this service. – By moving around on the map, weather stations will show up from Porto Moniz to the airport.

Click on the link below, and click change to see all the weather stations, and underneath you can cm switch from daily, hourly and weekly.

Weather Underground

A great Facebook page I use is MeteoRAM which is great to check on the weather as it is, or for the coming days as its more accurate.

Here is the link. MeteoRAM

The app Windy is also very useful, and you can use the layers to see, rain, wind, temperatures ect. Not so accurate for rain amounts untill it’s pretty close to the day, but it’s good to see if we can ecmxoect rain or wind.

Windy can be downloaded from your app store.

Another app you can download is Madeira Weather. Once opened from the menu you can view map, satalite, or jyst your area on the island.

There is also a link for all the webcams on the island, so you can get to see what the weather is doing live..

This app is pretty reliable, and give you a good idea of what weather to expect around the island.

I also check-in on Windguru, this is a little more difficult to understand, but if you search Windguru Madeira Airport, and click the link, you can see the wind speeds for the next week.

Just looking now, the wind speeds in knots and wind gusts, show that we could have a few problems with flights tomorrow, normally if the gusts show red or orange, and the wind is a cross wind, could well see  some problems wifh flights landing.

Hope this helps some of you check the weather a little better when in Madeira. ???