The President of the Regional Government said today that in Portugal, nothing works. TAP does not work, SEF does not work. Gold visas do not work.

Albuquerque’s reaction came when he was confronted with the fact that a study with repairs to the Gold visas, defended by the head of the Madeiran Executive, had come out this week. “TAP doesn’t work. The SEF is on the brink of extinction. The national structure. You ask for a Gold visa, it takes forever. You can die and go to heaven. It’s all a bureaucracy”, he declared on the sidelines of the visit to the company INOXILOBOS, created in 2010 with two employees and currently with 13.

Albuquerque said that Portugal had every interest in attracting capital and foreign investment. And one of the components of the law is that residence permits could be granted to companies and individuals with more scientific knowledge. On this visit he made to the company based in Camacha, accompanied by the regional secretary for the Economy, Albquerque also spoke about the increase in interest rates, noting that anticipating this situation, the Rebalancing program was activated, to help families in difficulty.

Still on the next elections, he reiterated that the preferred date is the 24th of September, as Madeiran students are still here. Sérgio Jesus, from the company, stated that there is work but there is a lack of labor in a sector that even pays well.

From Jornal Madeira