Snow covers the high areas of Madeira

Snow continues to fall in the highest areas of Madeira, leaving the mountains covered by an authentic “white cloak”.

In the last few hours, snowfall has been recorded in the mountainous areas, which is expected to continue to occur above 1,400 meters in altitude.

As already reported, there are already several accesses that are cut off from car traffic, with the Forestry Police on active patrol in the highest points of the island, with a view to preventing incidents.

In terms of temperature, it dropped significantly, with minimum values ​​below 0°C at the highest points on the island, and 11°C in Funchal, where the maximum temperature should not exceed 18°C. For example, in Pico do Areeiro, until 15:00, the maximum temperatures continued to be negative (-0.2º), while the minimum recorded is situated at -2.5º degrees.

From Diário Notícias