A beautiful day for the start of spring.

The Port of Funchal today welcomes the ships ‘AIDAnova’ and ‘Azamara Onward’ which bring a total of 7,532 people to Funchal, including passengers and crew.

Coming from Las Palmas, the ‘AIDAnova’ arrived this morning with 5,107 passengers and 1,363 crew on board. The steamer will remain in Madeira for 18 hours, departing from the port of Funchal at 11:00 pm, bound for Tenerife.

The second ship is the ‘Azamara Onward’ which arrived yesterday afternoon from Las Palmas for a 24 hour stopover. The ship leaves today, at 3 pm, for the island of La Palma and on board, it takes 659 passengers and 403 crew.

Spring officially starts at 21.24 today.

From Jornal Madeira