New bakery and pastry shop in Porto Santo, in an investment of 350 thousand euros

Entrepreneur Luís Bettencourt made an investment of around 350,000 euros which was inaugurated this afternoon on the ‘Golden Island’.

The businessman and also leader of the UNE (Uma Nova Esperança) movement, told DIARIO that this is “a bold investment and it takes courage, but it is an asset for the island of Porto Santo”.

“The town of Espírito Santo (Campo de Baixo) is a second city and deserves it. Because, if we look closely, 70% of the local population is residing in this area and most vacationers rent a house in this area and we still have hotels in this area”, he said.

Luís Bettencourt also added that the new development “will solve a very serious problem, which is the lack of parking in the city centre”, as this new place is not right in the center itself. 

Roberto Silva, who represented the Madeira iran executive, stressed “there are 350,000 euros of investment in Porto Santo and which are in line with the Regional Government’s strategy”. strengthened.

“Here is an example that I wanted to highlight and also highlight the courage of the entrepreneur, because nowadays the world is constantly changing and there is no doubt that making an investment today of this volume and with this number of jobs that will create, is good for all on the island. 

There were many people at the opening, some from Madeira and also local businessmen. It was noted that the president of the local municipal chamber, Nuno Batista, did not attend, but as far as DIÁRIO learned, an invitation to the event was sent.

The new bakery and pastry shop is located in the Zarco Shopping building.

From Diário Notícias

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