Wind close to 120 km/h in Areeiro

This Tuesday of yellow warning, also for the wind, has been particularly windy in the mountainous and extreme regions of the island of Madeira. At the top, the wind has already blown (until 10:00 pm) with gusts of up to 117 km/h, in Chão do Areeiro, and up to 99 km/h in Pico Alto.

At the extremes, the most significant values ​​were registered in Caniçal/Ponta de São Lourenço (93 km/h) and in Santa Cruz/Aeroporto (83 km/h).

On the other side of the island, the IPMA network of meteorological stations recorded, in Prazeres, a gust of up to 79 km/h.

It was also the wind that forced, throughout the day, many planes to go around in circles. Now, last balance sheet (22 hours) there are 13 canceled flights (6 arrivals, 7 departures). 

This Tuesday also marked the reappearance of rain in practically the entire Region.