Photographer’s images of Madeira show why he declares it an island ‘so stunning… it doesn’t look real’

‘Every piece of this island is so stunning, that sometimes we can’t believe it’s real.’

So says photographer Karol Kru, who has been capturing spellbinding pictures of the Portuguese island of Madeira since he moved there with his wife, Mary, last year.

Karol, 31, says that he and Mary, 30, ‘immediately fell in love’ with the island, known as the ‘Pearl of the Atlantic’.

The Polish adventure photographer tells MailOnline Travel: ‘There are so many places to be explored, so we’ve decided to stay here longer. Madeira has many amazing places, and that’s not an exaggeration. It has got everything from mysterious forests, high mountain peaks and graceful waterfalls to green valleys, sharp mountain spires and rough cliffs.’

Despite its beauty, Karol notes that Madeira is still a lesser-known travel destination for many. He says: ‘Coming here for a holiday isn’t a cliche. We like [to] explore the island, discovering new places [and] hidden gems.’

Mary, who is originally from Ukraine, occasionally features in his landscape photographs. The couple met whilst studying in China and have since devoted their lives to travelling the world, with photography eventually becoming Karol’s full-time job. Karol says that he sets out to show his followers the ‘real, raw Madeira’.

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