Another highly tropical night in Madeira

Madeira experienced yet another tropical night, in fact felt at all IPMA weather stations. Cancela at 6:00 am marked on the thermometer 28.2 degrees Celsius (ºC) and humidity at 25% and the least hot was São Vicente with 18.9ºC and humidity at 73%.

But even earlier, since midnight the maximum that was reached was at the Monte meteorological station, 30.5ºC and then the minimum did not drop from 23.8ºC.

In Cancela (29.5ºC), Funchal/Lido (28.8ºC), Quinta Grande (28.3ºC) followed on the scale of a hot night, in which the lowest that was reached since midnight was in Bica da Cana (18.7ºC), in São Vicente, those 18.9ºC, Pico do Areeiro (19.3ºC) and Ponta de São Jorge (19.5ºC).

The highest minimum temperature since zero hours was observed in Cancela (at the station located at the Regional Civil Protection Service), where the thermometer did not drop below 27.7ºC.

From Diário Notícias