Red notice for Madeira motivates Civil Protection recommendations

This morning, the Regional Civil Protection Service issued a series of recommendations to the population, motivated by the forecast of bad weather for the Madeira archipelago. As the DIÁRIO has already advanced, these forecasts have already led to the issuance of a red warning for heavy rain, which will be in effect for 24 hours.

Therefore, between 3 pm on Monday and 3 pm on Tuesday, June 6, the Mountainous Regions and the South Coast of Madeira will be under red warning for rain. Earlier, in these same areas, between 12:00 and 15:00 on Monday, an orange warning will be in effect for the same reason.

An orange warning for precipitation was issued for the North Coast, in force between 12 noon on the 5th (Monday) and 3 pm the following day. Porto Santo has a warning in place for the same hours, but in yellow.

The wind motivates a yellow warning for Madeira, between 18:00 on Monday and 15:00 on the 6th of June.

That is why the Regional Civil Protection Service makes the following recommendations:

– Whenever possible, avoid travel to areas affected by this type of weather situation.

– Do not drive through areas with degraded buildings, due to the risk of landslides.

– Pay attention to the assembled structures (scaffolding, awnings, tents, roofs), which could be affected by stronger gusts of wind, as well as possible falling trees.

– Adopt defensive driving, reducing speed and taking special care with the possible formation of sheet water;

– Ensure that stormwater drainage systems are unobstructed and that aggregates and other objects that can be dragged or create obstacles to the free flow of water are removed;

– Take precautions in view of the risks represented, with these conditions, by car and on foot, especially in mountainous areas, exposed slopes and coastal areas, which is why we advise against carrying out activities during the period in which the warning is in force

– Be aware of possible damage to mounted or suspended infrastructures;

– Keep an eye on weather information and indications from the Civil Protection and Security Forces.

I will update the blog over the next days on this situation.