South Africans Run, Portugal and Madeira

“Miles for Smiles: Portugal Run-Down and Around”
South Africans running 1,500km down the entire coastline of Portugal and Madeira

Two tough South Africans, Mr David Grier and Mr Andrew Stuart, have currently completed one-third of their journey around Portugal, as they reached Lisbon from the north. The two South Africans are in Portugal, between 26 June and 4 August 2023, to raise funds for surgery on Mozambique children with clefts. They run roughly 49km a day and sleep rough. You can follow their journey on the Facebook page David Grier. Details of their efforts can be found on this site, Miles for Smiles:

Please support these brave South Africans as they traverse the coastline of Portugal in hot temperatures. The Embassy will be following their progress carefully!

Soon they will come to Madeira to run the island.