The building where Café Relógio is located, in Camacha, is for sale for a base price of 2.4 million euros.

The sale is being made through an electronic auction, which is being conducted by LeiloSoc ( To make a proposal, the candidate needs to register with the auctioneer’s account. The portal receives purchase proposals until October 17th. But be aware that this is a one-time sale, so proposals will have to be made based on the global base value. The auctioneer also informs that the opening price is 1.6 million euros.

Remember that financial problems dragged the emblematic Camacha establishment into a legal battle. The liabilities of the insolvent estate that will now be sold are made up of the ‘Café Relógio’ and its contents, which are spread across a seven-story building and patio. The total area is 3,014 square meters.

The LeiloSoc portal describes the property as a building that has an inn with 24 rooms, two restaurants, bar, museum and wicker factory.

“Opened in 1896, the “Café Relógio” preserved one of the region’s most important traditions for more than a century and became one of the biggest attractions in the town of Camacha. There, there was one of the few wicker factories that maintained the artisanal production process. Since the mid-19th century, the wicker industry has been of enormous importance on the island of Madeira, with the parish of Camacha being an unavoidable reference to this legacy and continues to be the region of the island that produces the most wicker crafts, it is believed that this craft was brought to Madeira by the British”, describes the auction house.

“The emblematic “Café Relógio” was a stopping point for tourists and locals, even playing a prominent role in the tourism promotion of Madeira”, he adds.

Regarding the contents, which are also on sale, there is hotel and restaurant equipment, industrial machinery, office equipment and IT material, bedroom furniture and two light goods vehicles.

From Jornal Madeira