Porto Moniz Câmara calls for the reduction of water use to “strictly necessary”

Porto Moniz City Council has provided another update on the situation of the fires that have ravaged the municipality in recent days, highlighting the call to save water, particularly using this resource when “strictly necessary”, including pointing out that cars should not be washed and  no backyards watered.

“At this moment, there remains a forest fire outbreak, in an area without access, which threatens our World Heritage Site, the Laurissilva, which remains under surveillance. Aftermath operations and prevention of relights are ongoing throughout the municipality. The resources will remain on the ground, according to needs”.

Furthermore, “so far, there has only been one injured person, which required greater care, on Thursday. During the night, two homes were destroyed, resulting in no evictions”, he adds.

The municipality says that “several teams continue on the ground making every possible effort to restore access to drinking water throughout the municipality, with the collaboration of several companies, to whom we are very grateful, who provided human and material resources”.

Therefore, he highlights, “at this moment, the supply of water tanks, whose sources were affected by the fires, is being carried out using several tanker trucks, with a capacity of 5,000 liters (3) and 15,000 liters (1). The supply of bottled water will continue to be provided to all those who need it”, he pledges. And he appeals: “We appreciate the understanding of the entire affected population and reinforce the call to reduce water use to what is strictly necessary. Do not wash cars or yards.”

Also “municipal services continue to work to ensure the safety of all road accesses and collaborate with other entities to restore the electrical and telecommunications network where necessary”. And he adds: “The City Council teams, in conjunction with the Parish Council teams, are already on the ground carrying out a survey of the most urgent needs. There has been significant material damage to some homes and land, which is are under evaluation.”

Finally, “it reinforces its gratitude to all those who, throughout these days, have collaborated in the most diverse ways in resolving the various difficulties that we have faced and that we will be able to overcome. The population is asked to maintain scrupulous compliance with the recommendations from security authorities, remaining safe, and permanent monitoring of the information disclosed”, he concludes.

From Diário Notícias