Temperature exceeded 33ºC in Santana

It never ceases to surprise the (very) hot weather that persists in plaguing the Region, in particular the coast of the island of Madeira, with emphasis on Santana, which in the last hour saw the thermometer surpass 33ºC. 

The meteorological station in the northern city, positioned at an altitude of 380 meters, registered 33.2ºC at 3:40 pm, the highest maximum temperature recorded this Saturday (until 4:00 pm) in the entire network of IPMA meteorological stations in the Madeira Archipelago.

Official temperatures above 30ºC were recorded today (until 4:00 pm) also in Quinta Grande (33.0ºC), Ponta de São Jorge (32.3ºC), Monte (31.6ºC), São Vicente (31.4ºC), Ponta do Pargo (30.9ºC), Achadas da Cruz/Lombo da Terça (30.7ºC), Santo da Serra (30.6ºC), and Prazeres (30.5ºC).