46 tons of animal feed distributed to livestock farmers affected by the fires

The 46 tons of hay/grass coming from the Azores to help livestock farmers affected by the fires in Madeira last October began to be distributed yesterday in the municipality of Porto Moniz, reveals the Regional Secretariat for Agriculture and Environment. 

“The regional secretary of Agriculture and Environment, Rafaela Fernandes, together with the regional director of Agriculture and Rural Development, Marco Caldeira, accompanied at the Madeira Zootechnical Station, in Porto Moniz, the beginning of the operation to distribute the feed to affected livestock farmers due to the fires”, he adds.

And he adds: “The donation is the result of a partnership established between Casa da Madeira, the São Miguel Agricultural Association and the Sousa Group. Distribution to livestock farmers is being coordinated by the Cooperativa Agrícola do Funchal, the entity receiving the material coming from the Azores”. 

The containers will be unloaded at the Mercado Abastecedor dos Prazeres, in Calheta, and at the Estação Zootécnica da Madeira, in Porto Moniz.

From Diário Notícias