‘Norwegian Jade’ brings 2,973 people to Funchal

The transatlantic ‘Norwegian Jade’ arrived at the port of Funchal this morning, carrying 2,973 people, of which 1,959 are passengers. The ship remains for a 12-hour stopover, heading at 8 pm to Ponta Delgada and then Horta, both in the Azores.

It will be from the city of Horta that he departs on a transatlantic journey towards Kings Wharf, Bermuda, and New York. The ship will be stationed for a few months in Florida, carrying out cruises in particular to the Caribbean, Mexico, Honduras, Bahamas and Antilles.

The sailboat ‘Santa Maria Manuela’ remains at the north pier of the Port of Funchal, which arrived on Friday for a 79-hour stopover. Departure is scheduled for 4 pm tomorrow, heading to the island of Porto Santo, with 32 passengers and 19 crew.

From Diário Notícias