The winners of III Madeira Underwater Photo & Video are now known

Today, the best images and videos from the III Madeira Underwater Photo & Video Open 2024 were recognized, which is also the 1st Stage of the Portuguese Cup of the specialty.

After a day of analysis by the jury, which had to evaluate the videos and photographs that were in the competition, the big winners were named.

In an event praised by everyone, where the quality of Porto Santo as an island with enormous potential for diving, offering waters with unique visibility, with a diversity of fauna that delights all those who practice this sport, and with an average annual temperature, which allows you to enjoy the sea throughout the year, Porto Santo is increasingly identified as the reference point for diving at national and European level.

“In the various categories in the competition, the quality and excellence of the images proves the quality of everyone who participated, raising the competitive level of the competition. The four diving spots made a great diversity of images possible, both for photography and video production”, reads a note from the organization.

Organized by the Madeira Swimming Association, and with the approval of CMAS (World Confederation of Underwater Activities) and also by the Portuguese Federation of Underwater Activities, this event will now further enhance the image of the island of Porto Santo, through the winning images , which will be published in various specialized media outlets, as well as through social media. According to the organization, a strategy is being developed to disseminate promotional videos about the underwater environment, in various groups specializing in and practicing diving, focused on the United States of America, France, United Kingdom, Canada and Germany, thus enhancing , promoting the island of Porto Santo as a year-round diving destination.

From Jornal Madeira