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Easyjet today suspended flights to Madeira until April 1, when the air operation will be reviewed. The information was provided to Antena 1 by José Lopes, Commercial Director of the airline in Portugal.

This morning’s flight between Porto and Funchal, which should have left at 6:10 am in the north of the country, ended up being cancelled due to problems with a Portway employee who tested positive for Covid-19, having quarantined the entire team.

“At this moment we are offering all passengers the full refund of trips already purchased, or the rescheduling for other dates”, said José Lopes, admitting the possibility of a repatriation flight “if we realize that there is a large number of passengers who can’t travel ”.

The last scheduled flight of the low coast company on the Madeira route takes place tonight, at 8:45 pm, bound for Lisbon.

From DN