Summery from Regional Health Conference

Summary of the press conference given by the Regional Health Secretary Dr. Pedro Ramos and the Vice President of IASaude, Dr. Bruna Gouveia, TODAY – Sunday – March 29 at 9 pm

> Difference between the results of Madeira and DGS is due to the fact that DGS accounts for all Madeiran taxpayers who have positive COVID19 on the continent. Madeira’s results refer to all those that are processed in the health institutions of Madeira and Porto Santo;

> Review of everything that has been accomplished and created over the weeks, until today;

> Investment of 8 million euros in relation to the various needs that arose due to Covid-19;

Of the total of 198 suspected cases to date:
-> 155 had a negative result.
-> 4 suspected cases awaiting laboratory results;
-> 39 positive cases (5 more than yesterday)
Of the positives:
(16 males and 23 females);

(8 are aged under 29 years old, 3 between 30 and 39 years old, 3 between 40 and 49 years old, 7 people between 50 and 59 years old, 8 between 60 and 69 years old and 10 patients between 70 and 79.);

(35 live in Madeira and 4 are Dutch nationals);

Regarding the 35 residents: 15 are from Funchal, 7 from Câmara de Lobos and 5 from Ponta de Sol, 2 from Santa Cruz, 1 residing in Porto Santo (but residing in Funchal since January), 1 residing in Porto Santo. There are also new cases, namely in Calheta, Ponta do Sol and Santa Cruz and Funchal. (As soon as I receive the official numbers, I will add it above).

Transmission areas: 5 from the Netherlands, 4 from the United Arab Emirates, 2 from the United Kingdom, 1 person from Spain, 6 from mainland Portugal (Lisbon and Tagus Valley), 1 from Switzerland, 2 from Brazil, 2 from northern Portugal, 1 from France, 1 from Australia and 14 cases of local transmission.
Local broadcast (the 14):
– 4 are connected to the patient in the case imported from Spain – a family;
– 2 through contact with a patient with a transmission link to Lisbon and the Tagus valley;)
– 5 through close contacts with the case of france and residence at the tip of the sun (these are patients without symptoms, but as they had contact with positive cases, they were contacted by the health authorities to do the test and it was found that had the virus);
– 2 patient who manifested symptoms today after having contact with tourists from the united kingdom who were in the region between 9 and 14/03 and who had mild symptoms (the patient from Porto Santo, but residing in Funchal);
– 1 patient resident in Porto Santo who was in contact with a tourist in the United Kingdom or Denmark (still under analysis);

> 766 people to be monitored daily and under active surveillance, of which 8 are health professionals. They are all duly accompanied, with the necessary support;

> 1462 people in self-surveillance. (Passive surveillance);

> 210 people in dedicated accommodation – mandatory quarantine – 25 in Porto Santo and 98 in caniçal; (add to the 4 tourists who are in isolation) and 87 in Santa Cruz;

> 226 calls to the SRS24 line since the last balance, totaling 4522 calls since the line was activated;

A call for unity. #We are together.

Stay at home. Please!

Daniel Caires – 22:24

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