Positive case of Covid-19 in the ‘O Principezinho’ nursery in Caniço

The child is connected with a student at Colégio de Santa Teresinha and a professional in the pharmaceutical field; school asks parents to be silent.

There is one more case of covid-19 in an educational establishment in the Region, this time at the ‘O Principezinho’ nursery in Caniço.

The situation was reported yesterday, November 8, by the health delegate of Santa Cruz to the parents. Only afterwards (and after a few attempts at contact) would confirmation come from the Administrative Directorate, which will have tried to ‘cover up’ the situation by asking parents not to disclose this information.

“We had, during the course of today, the information that one of the children tested positive for covid-19. Therefore, the Contingency Plan of our nursery was activated”, it can be read if in the email sent to the guardians.

According to the same document, and “according to the guidelines of the Delegate of Health of Santa Cruz”, “all children and the pedagogical team of the referred room” will be in compulsory confinement “during the week of 9 to 13 of November” .

In a mandatory confinement, in the same period, there will also be “a Special Education Technician” and some children from Sala de Jardim Coração (side room), specifically “only from children who have English as an extracurricular activity” (a discipline that was common to some students from both rooms).

“This confinement and testing are merely preventive”, underlines the direction. Even so, the situation is worrying the parents, since the remaining colleagues (from Sala de Jardim Coração) will continue to be able to attend the daycare and will not be tested either.

DIARY knows that children and teaching staff who are in prophylactic isolation will be tested only next Wednesday (November 11th).

It is also known that the boy infected with covid-19 has not been to daycare since last Thursday.

This case will have a connection with the child who tested positive, this Sunday, at Colégio de Santa Teresinha and both with the professional assigned to a private unit in the area of ​​pharmacy, reported last Friday (6th of November)

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