Madeira Bonding Experiences – Save 10%

Madeira Bonding Experiences is a new platform offering a wide choice of experiences, lessons, retreats, and much more. You can book everything through the website, and very soon larger events like music festivals, concerts, etc will be available.
Online Music Events are already available to book starting with one tomorrow evening. use the code MIN10 and get a 10% discount. All is on the website

They also have a nice choice of accommodation for rental.

Readers of my blog can save 10% on any booking through the website or their social media, just use the code MIN10 for your discount.

Madeira BondingExperiences – It consists of promoting educational courses, concerts and cultural events to be produced on Madeira Island. All experiences include Course, accommodation, meals, transfers, Trip around the island, after dinner gathering sessions.
    – Educational Courses (music, theatre, writing, and many more!!)
    – Spiritual Retreats
    – Fitness Bootcamps
    – Online Lessons
  1. Joves Productions– It is about a regular production of online and live (in-person) concerts in auditoriums & theatres for up to 400 people and restaurants for up to 60 people with Madeiran and international artists. It is estimated to have 3 to 6 performances per week.

Livestream Concerts & Live Concerts

  1. Accommodation: 

Quinta da Paz – Weddings, Accommodation & Events

Little Country Cottage – Santo da Serra

Vila São Paulo – Funchal – This house is also up for sale if Interested contact 650.000€ (Partner Discount 5% and commission 5%)

Duas Torres – Funchal


You can also follow our events via Facebook and Instagram on the following pages:

Bonding Experiences:


IG: @bondingexperiences


Quinta da Paz:


IG: @quintadapazz

Joves Productions:


IG: @Jovesproductions

Due to Covid getting in the way, this project is only now beginning to start, and if there is anything that may interest you, send a message to let them know your interest, like the Photography, or Fitness.

Save 10% on any experience with the code MIN10