At this afternoon’s meeting of the Government Council, the resolution that materializes the Electric Mobility Incentive Program in the Autonomous Region of Madeira – “PRIME-RAM”, which aims to “create a sustainable mobility solution from an electrical ecosystem, was approved , favoring the acquisition and use of new electric vehicles, through the allocation of incentives, both to individuals and companies ”.

“In 2021, the public investment will be similar to that made in 2020, 1 million euros, and the values ​​of the incentives will remain unchanged”, according to a note sent to the newsroom.

In other words, for individuals, the maximum amount to be allocated is 5,000 euros to support the purchase of a light car and 600 euros to support the purchase of a 2 (two) to 4 (four) wheel or moped motorcycle. For the purchase of new electric bicycles, the incentive value amounts to 300 euros.

For legal persons, the limit of support to be granted is 3 500 thousand euros for the purchase of a light car and 600 euros for a 2 (two) to (4) four-wheel motorcycle or moped.

These amounts are “cumulative with the existing tax benefits and with any other support of the same nature, regardless of the granting public body”.

The following resolutions were also taken at this meeting:

The Agenda of the Autonomous Region of Madeira for the Circular Economy, the full version of which is available on the website of the Regional Directorate for the Environment and Climate Change.

The signing of a program contract with CARAM –  Center of the Autonomous Region of Madeira, EPERAM, with a view to the financial contribution of the Autonomous Region of Madeira in the financial charges (interest and capital amortization) associated with the medium and long-term loan. long term, in the maximum amount of € 6,500,000.00 (six million and five hundred thousand euros).

The increase in the statutory capital for cash input, in the amount of € 679,598.00 (six hundred and seventy-nine thousand, five hundred and ninety-eight euros), which will enable safeguard the current year’s own operating expenses.

From Jornal Madeira

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