Census Madeira almost complete

The 2021 Censuses operation, which takes place in Madeira as well as throughout the country, is practically in the final stage, with 17 days left before responses are to be submitted, in the Autonomous Region approximately 97% of households have already answered the questionnaire.

According to a publication by the Regional Directorate of Statistics, “more than 95 thousand dwellings of habitual residence and 245 thousand inhabitants have already been registered”, which attests to the success of the operation that started on April 19th, that is, less than a month ago. And he adds: “Only 2,500 rooms are left to answer!”

Answers should preferably take place on the Internet by 3 May, but after that the deadline was extended until 31 May. The truth is that the process, which takes place at the national level under the coordination of INE, remains available, “as predicted, the most secure way of responding – the  Internet “, explains the president of the statistical authority, Francisco Lima.

“All other possibilities of response are also available to the population: telephone through the Helpline (21 054 2021); ‘eBalcão’ at the Parish Councils; self-completion of the paper questionnaires, delivered by the enumerators, who comply with a strict Public health.

These, duly identified, as seen in the photo above.

From Diário Notícias