Ribeira Brava now has a platform for access to vessels

The Town Hall of Ribeira Brava proceeded, yesterday, the 28th of May, to install a platform for access to vessels at the Cais da Ribeira Brava.

“An important accessibility that guarantees greater security in the process of embarkation and disembarkation of people that increases significantly during the summer months”, highlights the executive in a statement sent to the newsrooms.

“This platform offers better conditions for small boats that make tourist transport to Calhau da Lapa and Fajã dos Padres and is an asset in supporting water sports”, adds the same note.

The municipality also announced that it is working on the implementation of a platform for access to the Calhau da Lapa pier, to facilitate access to that space when loading and unloading goods and people during the bathing season.

The Ribeira Brava pier has recently undergone refurbishment works, carried out by APRAM and the Regional Government, which has endowed that space with better conditions. An investment in the order of 1.7 million euros.

From Diário Notícias

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