Are you registered to vote in the local elections?

Do you want to make your vote count?
Local elections are due on 26th September 2021.

As an expat it can be a big help to you and to your community to take part in the local elections.

In Madeira with low voter participation all votes are precious and you can make a big difference.

You need to register to vote but it is simple, and free..

What do I need to do to register ?

You need to go to the Junta de Freguesia where you live.
Bring your passport /Cartã de cidadão
Your Certificado de registo de cidadão
Your adress
Your phone number and e-mail adress
And the name of your parents.

At the Junta de Freguesia it takes less than 10 minutes to make the registration and you will be issued a voter registration.
For eu citizens you can choose if you want to vote for the eu elections in Portugal or in your home country.

It is easy, it is fast and it really makes a difference.

Over the past 10 years the resident Madeiran population has decreased by allmost 16000 people, but there has been an increase of immigrants. This makes your vote even more valuable and important.

Go and register to vote, take part in the upcomming elections on 26th September… be a part of your community.