The vice president of the Regional Government guaranteed this evening that he will leave the executive within a short time. Two months before the municipal elections, Calado made this intention very clear during the presentation of the candidates of the PSD-CDS coalition to the Junta de Freguesia do Monte.

“Pedro Calado will not stay in the Regional Government, he will leave shortly and devote himself 200% to the CMF”, declared the official, who is also a candidate for mayor of Funchal.

Pedro Calado also guaranteed that what drives him is helping people. “I’m not looking for pots,” he said. And guaranteed that he wants to help. “Help me to help you, to give you better conditions, to create investment, to create jobs, to support those who need it most”, asked the candidate of ‘Funchal Semper à Frente’.

The candidate guarantees that “the Government is balanced. That’s fine and it’s urgent to remove the Municipality of Funchal from the stagnation in which it finds itself”, he observes.

Pedro Calado also referred that, in the same way that he performed all functions, either in the CMF or in the Government “in a detached way”, he also accepted this challenge, regardless of what may happen and the electoral results. “One thing is certain: I will face with all the dedication, humility and work this social cause, the cause of defense that the population asks of us. The only thing I ask is: give me the opportunity to help you”, he stresses.

From Jornal Madeira

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