PSP gain access to fight fire.

A brigade from the Special Police Unit (UEP) had to tear down a fence at the Bemposta Reservoir Station so that firefighting resources could fight an active front that threatens several homes.

The door to the Madeira Water and Waste (ARM) facility was closed with a large padlock, so it was necessary to get access to the fire department through the fence. All this on a hillside full of houses and which is worrying the authorities. The Água de Pena area is worrying the authorities, as some of the sparks carried by the wind are creating problems in fighting the fire.
The Municipal Civil Protection Service of Santa Cruz is on high alert, as the fire could hit the neighboring county.

Imdownat the lido today at the galo resort, and looking out towards Garajau its looking like they dmokehas come this far or there is another fire. There is ash falling and the smell of smoke is evident.

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