“The time for our youth to grow up and not have to leave the island is long gone”

The vice president of the Regional Government assured today that young people from Madeira now have all the conditions to be able to triumph in the Region without being ‘forced’ to emigrate.

Pedro Calado took advantage of the event allusive to the International Youth Day, marked in the gardens of Quinta Magnólia, in front of dozens of young people.

On the part of the Regional Government, he highlighted the “great work to put the Region at the top of knowledge at the international level”.

Even so, he admitted looking “with some concern” at the world of work, but this does not invalidate his confidence in the Region’s responsiveness, to the point of assuring that “the time for our youth to grow up had to leave the Island. I had to emigrate, I had to leave my family”.

According to the vice-president, “today we are witnessing precisely the opposite”, when noticing that young people from Madeira are already settling in the Region, which has even attracted young people from other countries to come to Madeira to work, as a result of the great technological and the vision of the future of the Regional Government carried out in recent years. “You are the reason for the great investment of the Government for the coming years”, namely with the great investment in the training and skills of young people.

Pedro Calado, who is leaving the Regional Government to dedicate himself exclusively to the candidacy for the presidency of the Funchal City Council, did not waste the opportunity to remind the many young people that it was this Regional Government that found solutions when the Government of the Republic placed “obstacles” payment for air travel, in addition to other large investments, such as the Sub23 Pass and other policies aimed at the youth sector.

He also praised his Government colleague, Jorge Carvalho, regional secretary of Education, Science and Technology, for “opening horizons to our youth” in the face of the many challenges for the future.

I’m not to sure on this, and think he has no idea what he is talking about….

Everywhere seems to be looking for staff at the moment, and who wants to work 6 days a week for minimum wage, or less and then take into account travel to and from work etc especially with rising fuel prices….

Nobody wants the work, and many new staff have no experience at all, as still many of those who have studied or trained especially in tourism and management are still leaving the island.

Most things here are more expensive than the rest of Europe when you compare to the minimum wage, and we just continue to pay and pay…

The younger generation either have to continue living with parents or family, as its almost impossible to live as a couple on a minimum wage, and prices are continuing to rise in rents and property making it even more difficult.

The digital Nomads will all start to leave very soon also, as there is much more of the world to see, at a much cheaper cost. Through the pandemic it was all good, as we were one of the best and safest places to travel to and open all the time, but soon everywhere else will be opening up, making life more easy for travelling.

I do agree that we have had a great number of young visitors to the island, and we still do, and probably those that love the nature, extreme sports and so on will come again, but certainly not all will be back, not yet anyway…..