Searches for French citizen return to Caldeirão Verde area

The searches for Benoit Way, the French citizen who was reported missing earlier this month, continue to be carried out and, this time, they return to the route of Caldeirão Verde and Caldeirão do Inferno.

A member of the Santana Volunteer Firefighters joined the Forestry Police, traveling through the area, looking for clues that could lead to the location of the 35-year-old man.

The Frenchman will have been seen for the last time in the Parque Florestal das Queimadas, in Santana, when he was on the fourth stage of a route that was supposed to last 12 days through the mountains of Madeira.

Authorities were only alerted to the fact that the man was unreachable on Saturday 4 September, 3 days after the last contact with the family. The searches have been aimed at some areas of Santana and have even reached São Vicente, after a clue, which turn out not to be true.

The DIÁRIO asked the PSP for further clarification on this case, namely on the places where searches will be carried out and on any new clues about the case. The Madeira Regional Command of the PSP informed that, on Thursday morning, there was a meeting with all Civil Protection Agents and police involved, to assess the work carried out and confirmed that the searches are continuing, without giving any further details.

From Diário Notícias

This is a long search, considering the last two males that went missing, the searches were stopped after 2-3 days by the authorities.