BBC highlights advantages that Madeira gives to digital nomads

It was in a piece of news about changes to Portuguese labor legislation focused on telework, recently approved in a final global vote in Parliament, that the BBC, the British news network, referred to the advantages that Madeira gives to digital nomads who choose the Region to work .

In a text that emphasizes the fact that ‘Portugal prohibits managers from sending SMS or calling  employees after working hours’, in an allusion to the changes to the Labor Code that point out the duty of companies to refrain from contacting the employee during the rest period, except in situations of force majeure, constituting a serious breach of this rule.

Of these changes that the BBC points out as necessary to “improve work-life balance”, they highlight that many of these rules apply to companies with more than 10 employees. The possibility of teleworking for workers with children up to eight years old is also mentioned.

Quoting the Minister of Labour, Ana Mendes Godinho, the BBC refers to the fact that Portugal already has incentives for digital nomads who want to spend a season in the country, giving the example of Madeira, which claims to have a digital nomadic village, with wireless internet free and easy to provide places to work. The Region is compared to other popular destinations for digital nomads, namely Barbados or Croatia.

From Diário Notícias

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