Bad weather warning issued for Madeira

The Captaincy of the Port of Funchal, through the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere, issued a bad weather warning signal 6  for the Madeira archipelago.

The wind will be force 7 (51 to 62 km per hour) from any direction.

Therefore, it recommends that  ” the owners or shipowners of the vessels take the necessary precautions so that they remain in the safe ports”.

The worsening of the weather could affect the airport tomorrow and Monday also. And even beyond that. We all know the weather here seems to change every hour, especially the forecasts, but the screenshots below show what the next few days could be like.

I have been watching this for a number of days now, and normally things tend to look better as we get closer to the coming days, but this is showing opposite, and the outlook has become worse.


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