Incidence charts

Thanks once again to Dietmar Weiß, these he sent a couple of days ago. Things will only get worse for a bit, with Saturdays with high numbers due to the amount of people that get tested on a Friday.

The most recent rise in Portugal’s Covid infections to a level higher than half a year ago leads to significant fear that the weeks after Christmas days may become a very bad time for those suffering from the disease and the staff working in the hospitals. Only the Acores (and to a lesser extent, the Alentejo region) still seem to enjoy more or less stable infection numbers, but this might also turn worse once the Portuguese citizens working abroad return to their families for the holidays.
On Madeira island, the known infection numbers are continuously on the rise, especially in the more densely populated eastern counties like Funchal, Machico and Santa Cruz. But even in the western counties, there have been significantly more confirmed infections the last days. And the Omicron virus is still to come!
So, everyone should respect the current safety precautions in order to avoid infecting himself or others. Stay healthy, keep your mask on wherever appropriate – and get your booster shot as soon as possible!
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