Last five plane arrivals in Madeira tonight canceled due to wind

The last five flights that were due to arrive at Madeira Airport tonight were canceled due to bad weather conditions in our archipelago. Three TAP flights and two Easyjet flights were planned to come from Lisbon and Porto, but they didn’t even pick up at the airports of origin.

The following flights were cancelled: EJU7605 (Easyjet from Lisbon) and EJU7585 (Easyjet from Porto), both scheduled to arrive in Madeira at 20:30; TP1691 (TAP from Lisbon) scheduled to arrive at 20:35; TP1715 (TAP from Porto) which was due to land at 11:10 pm; and also the TP1693 (TAP that came from Lisbon) which arrived around 00:45. As a result of these cancellations, the five scheduled return trips to the mainland are naturally not carried out.

From Diário Notícias

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