The PSP Regional Command announces the arrest in the early hours of March 26 of a male citizen, aged 56, residing in Funchal, for the crime of drug trafficking.

The arrest took place after carrying out surveillance and patrolling in the São Martinho area of ​​places usually connoted with the crime of drug trafficking, and it was possible to intercept the suspect and catch him in the act. 

After police investigations, according to a statement sent, it was possible to seize 1110 individual doses of Cocaine, 30 individual doses of a narcotic substance called Hashish, 21 grams of a narcotic plant called Liamba, a 6.35 mm firearm and two magazines, various objects connected with the practice of the crime of trafficking and around 312 thousand euros in cash.

The citizen in question was present at the Judicial Court of the District of Funchal and the measure of preventive detention was applied to him.

From Jornal Madeira

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