Orange warning for maritime unrest in Madeira extended until Tuesday

The Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA) extended the orange warning for maritime agitation in Madeira and issued new alerts, namely for cold weather on the south coast and mountainous regions.

Saturday morning, the national meteorological service issued a series of warnings regarding precipitation, wind, sea waves and snow for the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

Yesterday evening, the orange warning for sea waves on the north and south coasts, initially in effect until 6 am on Tuesday, March 15, was extended until 6 pm on the same day, with northwest waves expected. with five to seven meters, which can reach 11 to 13 meters in maximum height.

The IPMA placed the south coast of the island and mountainous regions on yellow alert for cold weather, between 9 pm on Sunday and until 6 am on Tuesday, pointing to the persistence of low values ​​of the minimum temperature.

From Diário Notícias

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