Air quality monitoring in the center of Funchal

The Air Quality Control Station (mobile unit) is located in the center of Funchal, right next to the Rotunda do Infante. This is a routine procedure that aims to ensure permanent information on air quality.

The unit caused some surprise to those who pass by the place, but its positioning results only from the programmed circulation through the Region.

The air quality control network of the Regional Secretariat for the Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change is made up of three fixed stations – São João and São Gonçalo, in Funchal and Santana – and a mobile unit.

Last year, Funchal was the third European city with the best air quality, according to data collected by the European Environment Agency.

Among 323 cities, the Madeiran capital was only surpassed by Umea (Sweden) and Tampere (Finland). Of the Portuguese cities, Faro (27th) and Sintra (51st) were the ones that were behind Funchal. Lisbon ranked 100th in the air quality ranking.

From Diário Notícias

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