Covid-19 Update March

The covid-19 epidemiological surveillance bulletin, for the month of March, indicates that, during this month, there were 20,841 positive cases of covid-19. In addition, there were 37 deaths associated with the disease, with an average of 79 patients hospitalized per day.

The data presented represents an increase of 173 cases when compared to the previous month. We speak of an average of 672 new cases per day.

The epidemiological situation on April 3 pointed to the existence of 101,038 active confirmed cases and a total of 242 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. 97,051 people have already recovered from the disease, with 2,719,647 tests being carried out on covid-19.

Regarding the data from the Sentinela program, the positivity index increased to 22.08%. The symptomatic network was 6,338 patients and 3,883 were asymptomatic. In the case of symptomatic patients, we speak of an increase to 45.23%.

From Diário Notícias

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