Golden Island with good demand at Easter, predicts a great summer

Easter 2022 on the island of Porto Santo was very reasonable for the tourist movement. Most sectors that are linked to tourism are satisfied.

The president of the local authority, Nuno Batista, revealed to DIÁRIO, “Easter went quite well, even above what we were expecting”. “After the period we spent with the pandemic, it is an immense joy to see the terraces full again and the restaurants equally, the local commerce recovering a little of what is the effects of the pandemic”, he said.

Nuno Batista highlighted “even knowing that affected by this issue of the war (Russia/Ukraine), as it is having a great influence on people’s purchasing power, but as always, Porto Santo and the people of Porto Santo have always known adapt, so it is a new phase that we will all face with great frontality”.

Ricardo Ferreira, one of the entrepreneurs linked to the restoration, told DIÁRIO, that this Easter on the island of Porto Santo, “went very well and with the usual demand, especially with the Madeirans and of course we just have to thank the demand that there was this year”. On the part of foreigners’ demand for the destination of the golden island, the businessman stressed “we continue with the connection of the Danes, we have already started to have some Germans” and the national market, “has also started to emerge as we already have direct connections with the mainland Portuguese”.

This good movement that has just emerged at Easter on the island of Porto Santo, is a warning for what is to be expected in the hottest period of summer. Ricardo Ferreira told DIÁRIO: “It will be very good and we are prepared and we are waiting for everyone to come, because Porto Santo is in fashion”.

Although it cannot be compared in any way with the summer, DIÁRIO found that during these Easter days, bars, restaurants had more people, taxis and rental cars were more in demand, sports venues such as golf, tennis and padel had the same intensity in the movement of tourists, as well as the hotel units had good occupations.

From Diário Notícias


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