Noël Giordano wins the 60 km race at MIUT 22

The athlete from the ‘A Paolina team, with the 3003 breastplate, came to celebrate the title of champion, in the city of Machico, after 6:03.19 hours of running along a 60 kilometer course, which started in São Vicente.

In second place in the same event was the German Adrian Niski, with a difference of 55 seconds and the North American Stephen Kersh, with more than a minute and a half of difference, closed the podium.

This is the biggest edition of MIUT ever, with a total of 3,212 athletes, from 60 countries, making this one of the biggest sports competitions in the promotion of Madeira.

In this 13th year of the regional ultra trail, the competition is made up of five distances: the 115 km main event (between Porto Moniz and Machico, which started at midnight on Saturday), the 85 km stage (between São Vicente and Machico, which started at 7 am), the 60 km (between Boaventura and Machico, starting at 8 am), the 42 km (between Monte and Machico, which started at 11 am) and 16 km (between Porto da Cruz and Machico, starting at 7 am).

From Diário Notícias

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