Rain, wind, cold and possibility of snow

The famous expression ’em Abril, Águas Mil’ fits perfectly into the weather forecast that should be felt from the end of the day tomorrow, Saturday, but especially during the day of Sunday, “especially during the afternoon ”, emphasizes Victor Prior, IPMA regional delegate in Madeira.

The meteorologist, who had already realized at the beginning of the week that this would be another rainy Sunday, now reinforces that “associated with the approach and passage of a moderately active frontal depression, periods of rain or occasional heavy showers are expected, accompanied by  thunderstorms, especially during the Sunday afternoon”.

It now reveals that the following days will be colder to the point that it may snow again in the mountainous regions.

“Minimum and maximum temperatures are expected to drop by 2 to 4 °C on the 4th (Monday) to 6th (Wednesday), and showers may be snowy on the highest peaks of the island of Madeira”, he announces. He adds that if the indicators that support the IPMA weather forecast are maintained, “on the coldest day (Tuesday), it may snow at lower levels, but above 1600 m”, that is, this should only occur in the area of Areeiro and Pico Ruivo.

The month of April begins with little spring, also in terms of air temperatures. The coldest day in forecast, the 5th (Tuesday) “the expected minimum temperature for Funchal is 12 °C”. And the highs until the middle of next week may not even reach 20ºC.

Another relevant climatic factor is the wind, which will blow strongly over the next three days, with gusts of up to 80 km/h.

“On days 3 to 5 (Sunday to Tuesday) the wind will be temporarily moderate to strong, generally from the north, with gusts of around 80 km/h in the mountainous regions and in the extreme east and west of Madeira Island and in the island of Porto Santo”.

Also the sea will become rough. The sea waves  expected to peak this Monday with “north waves measuring 3 to 4 m on the north coast of Madeira and 2 m westwards on the south coast”, he concludes.

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