Bernardino Freitas did not hide at the end of this morning his satisfaction with the realization of his latest project: ‘Sabores D’Itália’ opened the third space, now on Estrada Monumental, before heading down to the Lido area.

The restaurant entrepreneur is pleased that “Sabores D’Itália has been a reference for Italian gastronomy in Madeira since 1993. It started in Caniço, arrived at CC Dolce Vita [now La Vie] and has now extended to this area of ​​the Lido, always following the forefront of Italian gastronomy. We are now innovating a little more, we are also creating new Italian specialties, reinforcing our quality”.

Pleased with the location, he reveals that “this is a good area par excellence and also has a lot of tourism. But our strong client and the one we bet the most on is the Madeiran. And we will continue with this philosophy of maintaining quality aimed at Madeirans”. It was an investment “of more or less 180 thousand euros”, which created “nine jobs” and now “a new era begins, which I believe has everything to be very successful”.

“It is our third space, open at the same time”, and the important thing “is to always work with quality”, he said with optimism, noting that in the set of its three spaces it already employs 25 employees.


Another sign of the dynamics of the city

At the opening, there was Pedro Calado, accompanied by Bruno Pereira. The mayor of Funchal shared the owner’s sentiment, assuring that there is no saturation in the area of ​​restoration. On the contrary, “many more spaces can be opened. We are experiencing a very positive economic moment. Tourism has managed to get back on its feet after a very difficult period, the city is very confident and we are witnessing a very positive movement on the part of entrepreneurs. There is a very good dynamic of trust and the proof is that they continue to open commercial spaces”.

“Today we have the opening of a restaurant space here, in a noble tourist space and it is a sign that entrepreneurs recognize that there is a lot of room for progression and a vote of confidence in the future of this city and the Region”, he noted, raising the role of his municipality: “What we want to do is encourage investment, the creation of jobs and reduce to a minimum the tax burden that entrepreneurs have to pay”.

Justifying, “since we took office, and it was part of our electoral campaign, we said that we would do everything to reduce taxes. We made this commitment in December and started to reduce fees. We have eliminated the municipal surcharge and are helping to review all licensing steps to reduce the amounts that entrepreneurs pay to the municipality”.

From Jornal Madeira