Albuquerque says “everything will be fine” about the end of masks

On this first day that marks the end of the mandatory use of masks in closed spaces in the Region, the president of the Regional Government of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque, welcomed the end of this restrictive measure.

“I think we have to be cautious, but at this point it is also important to consider that, even with the increase in the number of cases, we already have 92% of the population with vaccination and I think that the symptoms and consequences of contracting the disease are not are so serious, in fact, as has been observed”, he said.

On the fact that some people prefer to continue to wear the mask, the official said that he does not see any problem in that position. “If you feel safer, you should continue to use it and you should also try to keep the distance, especially in socializing”, he stressed, finishing by saying that “everything will be fine”.

From Diário Notícias