Dutch Tourist rescued and in good health.

Below I share the cost of the Search and Rescue.

The Dutch tourist who had been missing since Thursday evening was found eventually found late afternoon yesterday and is in good health. The authorities had already made contact with the tourist yesterday morning, and used go’s to find him.

After spending the night in the open, the tourist was eventually found and didn’t even need assistance, walking on his own feet. It should be noted that the rescue and mountain team of the Santana Volunteer Firefighters were involved in the searches, supported by elements of the Forest Police corps.

A warning to all.

I know that the last tourist lost on the north of the island a few weeks back had a hefty bill of 7500.00 euros to pay. I’m not sure if the cost is different in different municipalities of the island, or one set price.

The call out for the emergency service is 1500.00 euros, and the search and rescue is charged at 900.00 per hour.

So before you go off alone, and end up getting lost, think how much it could cost you, and if you don’t have the money you will be taken to prison until the bill is paid.


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